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Certain people look out their windows and say “Oh, this world, gray, terrible, fatalist… We deserve it, we sure deserve it.”, and then fingers cry in a Social Media post against this unfairness.

Or at least take a selfie in a colorful and cloudy mountain, smiling to our incandescent grief.

Withal this drama, there’s no such thing as “We deserve this”. We aren’t that powerful or grandiose to know this, we just use a mix of feelings and rationalities from our humane capacity, though never ever exactly precise. Yeah, we have what we have, that is very obvious, and at the same time, nope. We aren’t omnipresent or omniscient to know these facts.

We live in our own constant creed.

Even if you are a horrible person, you may deserve something manicheistichally “good” or “bad”, with or without probabilities. Part of what we think is the life we have.





Did a god had decided to create us? Or we decided to create God?


Sometimes nature decides for us. Sometimes the Cosmos decides for nature.

Do you think that so many people have deserved to die by a meteor or a Tsunami? Nope. Perhaps we deserve a leader that we have right now in our societies ‘cause this is the closest thing to be OURS. Though… What if God comes one day and saves us all? What if God is a cool dude? We would say “Hey, fuck off, we don’t deserve you, cosmical moron”; if God is God, he may laugh or smile, or just BE God.

We need to change our pessimistic/realistic vision, it really consume us if we let only those philosophies dominate our minds.

So, what do you think: do you add yourself to this list?

Seems like a Dostoyevskian life. Irony. Absurd. Pessimistic. Violent. Crude. Drama.

I think humanity is getting colder ‘cause they are very lost just “advancing” in just a rational way, and when it goes around the creative way of thinking, they almost suicide themselves.

Like Nietzsche more or less once said, “The Super-man isn’t an evoluted human, is a man who questions himself, go backs to the origins and deconstructs its own traditions”.

If you think life is a tragedy, then it is. The Old Greeks knew this very well.

Sometimes we believe tragedy is very inherent in us that we don’t feel it anymore, we just feed on tragedy as drinking water, “There’s no taste in this, but if I don’t consume it, I would die”.

People from cold regions —let us call them the Northern and Eastern Europeans— they say us Latinos are the sun, beaches, bachata and mariscos (seafood), but that isn’t true; sure, we live in a place we have tons of seafood, the sun can burn our skin, the bachata sucks, beaches are just welcomed as the mountains and forests, although we are changing, I assure you we are humans too, we feel a very similar anxiety, even some of us feel the same anxiety as the “greater white people”, nevertheless, we don’t comprehend it.

Maybe no one does, we just assimilate it with chemistry and psychology. Freud and Jung tried, but this second dude wanted it to be more positive.

Nowadays the self-help lectures can be very useful, they can even heal our minds or souls. Or they are the pretty lies we needed as an aspirin to our anxiety.

If you think or know the issue of people and families getting colder, and you believe that isn’t good for you and for humanity, then change it, change it yourself. Begin with something small. Or just go with the flow… Live and die as others do. Don’t forget the tequila or vodka.

Warms the heart.

Imagine the humanity as the bastard descendant of a greater society, god-like beings that died, disappeared or left us here to grow and maybe kill each other. We have a certain emptiness that we don’t know how to fill it, we are too confused to this so-called immense Universe, always discovering new things, truths that change to lies; lies that change to truths. This is an alchemistic madness for babies like us. Our diapers are full of blood and shit. We may be getting older and smarter, but not wiser.

Where are our ascendants? Do they exist? Do we need ‘em? What the fuck should we do? We feel the answers are simple… But we have a virus called angst that ills our hope, then hope turns to be ambition, and ambition turns to be the worst vice we have for conquering the Universe, understanding it in an anthropomorphic way of thinking; nonetheless, we for sure “advance”, but not every step leads you to the right path.

Now I want to go back to a more mundane speech.

My family and I we try to stay united and love each other, even if we know that anxiety is our daily basis. If you know you are sick, why the fuck you are sweating cutting those trees? You need to rest, you need to cure yourself, and the same case should be if a loved one is sick, you need to take care of him as you would be liked to be cared. Yeah yeah, humans are too fucked-up and we sabotage ourselves from time to time. But we can make some adjustments little by little. Make hope a virtue, not a vice.

And remember, reject your confusion if it is overwhelming your existence. Sometimes we deny, sometimes we will be denied. Don’t get too attached if it sicks you enough, or if you recollect all the valuable things, then if bad things are more than the good things, well, seems like you need to get a grip, laugh, and continue your life to make this world or Cosmos a better place to live or BE.

Also, if we are our own gods… Why not be the kind-hearted god we always wanted to have?



*Image substracted and modified from The Nobby Works

**Many thanks to my friend from Interpals, Olesya, she has inspired me writing these existential thoughts, and somehow I’ve exorcised them. Muchas gracias, Oleshka 🙂

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