Ni tú, ni yo | Poema

Tomé la ruta equivocada para encontrarte,
y tú la confundiste con que te ignoraba.

Perdóname por ser mal piloto,
que nadie es perfecto.

25 respuestas a «Ni tú, ni yo | Poema»

      1. So, why don’t you use Spanish with me? I do need to improve my English, and some other languages, but, sometimes when you need to express A-VERY-SOMETHING special, you ought to use the right words to extend them. Although, it is kinda heroic to keep on practicing your English, even in the toughest situations.

        Thus far, my English sometimes sucks, grammar, errors, lexical limitations, mixing Spanish-English syntaxes… But, hey, now you are helping me with this! And thanks! ☺

        And, about what you’ve specifically have written in this comment:

        Yesterday night, a thought came to me, after reading a philosophical hypothesis, that we literally born again every day, consciously speaking. Something very very nuclear persists in us though, like a core. The spirit? The mere soul? That thing we call authenticity, or the persona. And yes, one word can mean everything, thus creating a whole universe too.

        We shouldn’t apologize for your language flaws, English isn’t our first language, and even my Spanish isn’t glorious and perfect, so, I think we need to focus in our intentions to communicate with whatever we have in our capacities, that’s, for me, so cool, and I am glad you’ve taken your time to write me. That’s gold.

        Muchas gracias por tus comentarios, opiniones y consejos-opiones (jajaja ☺). Te mando un abrazo a la distancia.

        Me gusta

      2. Los abrazos se sienten aun a parsecs de distancia ☺

        Yo soy de Sonora, México. Ah, Uruguay, es uno de los países que algún día quiero visitar. He conocido a dos uruguayos, ahora a tres, contigo, y me parecen personas de lo más agradable; aparte, únicos.

        Pero, por así decirlo, tú estás casi en la otra punta de América Latina, y yo estoy en la otra, al ladito de EUA.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      3. I will choose some of my written drafts to edit them again.
        I will live the experience of doing a poem borns one more time, like people who is borning constantly.
        I mean, lots of people is capable to born by its own all the time long, as well.
        So magic is when you improve yourself and find new horizons.
        A breathtaking view by the sea, lets you breath, feel and see everything a little different so you grow and helps you born again.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

      4. “A breathtaking view by the sea”…

        An endless horizon, an infinite representation of a never-ending story.

        Two days ago, whilst I was wondering some existential interrogatives, I thought about the side effect of waking up; are you really the same person after sleeping, even a siesta? Are you a clone of yesterday’s essence? Or you just reborn as yourself again, and again, and again?

        Then, I fell asleep.

        Le gusta a 1 persona

  1. I didn’t publish my comment as it was only mine…I read your short poem ‘Ni tu ni yo’ which inspired me to write what I felt.
    My intention was writing a comment, but my comment became an extentio of NI TU NI YO
    Take my ‘comment’ as a gift.
    You could publish it below the poem NI TU,NI YO
    Is going to be a poem writing by you and me.
    Poetry is magic.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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